Trick Daddy Files For Bankruptcy

  He owes $34,837 to his first baby mother, $22,282 to his second BM, $290K in back taxes and $280K for his first mortgage. Luckily, he claims he still brings in about $14,500 a month from club appearances and music publishing. He also says he lives a very simply life. In fact, he allegedly only […]


Rapper Cold 187um Says Eazy-E Should’ve Chosen Ice Cube Over Jerry Heller

        Everyone who saw Straight Outta Compton as well as die-hard N.W.A fans everywhere know that Ice Cube had a problem with their manager Jerry Heller. Since Eazy-E and Heller’s business relationship grew stronger, the CEO of Ruthless Records made some unfortunate decisions that led Ice Cube to ultimately leave the group. […]