Daily Archives: August 8, 2012

Kobe Spotted With Swimmer Stephanie Rice Again; Internet Goes Crazy With Rumors

The internet was ablaze yesterday when NBA superstar Kobe Bryant was photographed sitting with Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice during an Olympic event. The duo have a friendship dating back to the 2008 games in China. Many tabloid websites are speculating that the two are involved in an affair, you know, because that’s what tabloid websites […]

R.I.P. Retired NBA Player Dan Roundfield Drowns Off The Shores Of Aruba Trying To Save His Wife

59-Year-Old Retired NBA All-Star Drowns In Aruba   Today we mourn the loss of retired NBA All-Star Dan Roundfield who passed while vacationing in Aruba with his wife. He died a heroic death, trying to save her from drowning:   Dan Roundfield, an NBA veteran who had three consecutive All-Star seasons, has drowned off the […]

Weed Named After Usain Bolt Because It’s “Fast-Hitting”

Potheads have a new reason to cheer for Usain Bolt,  TMZ has learned California weed shops are now selling a strain of weed named after the fastest man on the planet.  Our well-informed, and prescription-carrying sources, tell us … ever since the Games began, multiple weed dispensaries in the Orange County area have been selling a new […]

Aaliyah’s Brother Shuts Down Biopic Rumors Along With Album Rumors – “No Female I’ve Seen Can Play My Sister”

Aaliyah’s Brother Rashad Shuts Down Rumors Of A Biopic   Earlier this week, Aaliyah younger brother Rashad posted a message to her Facebook fan page letting fans know that the Haughton family was not releasing or supporting any new Aaliyah albums.   Along with dispelling the album chit-chatter, Rashad posted this message in response to […]

Plaxico Burress Asking For ‘Too Much Money’

With talks at a standstill between Mike Wallace and the Pittsburgh Steelers, don’t be surprised to see the team go fishing for another wideout.   The pool is thinning. The Seattle Seahawks have gone on a torrid run of late, swallowing up every aging veteran pass-catcher out there. Except for one, Plaxico Burress.       Burress still is a free agent, despite […]