Daily Archives: November 18, 2015

A Tribe Called Quest Reveals Lou Reed Received All The Royalties For “Can I Kick It?”

  ARiiE:Twitter | Instagram “I don’t think they cleared the sample, and instead of Lou Reed saying, ‘You can’t use it,’ he said, ‘Y’all can use it, but I get all the money from that…to this day, we haven’t seen a dime from that song.” Lou Reed, of the rock band The Velvet Underground has […]

Patti Pies moved $2.3mil in pies at Walmart in one weekend

In one weekend, Patti Pies sold completely out of Walmart. The demand was so high, the store’s bakeries were telling callers they were out before even saying hello. It’s estimated over $2.3 million dollars of pies were sold this past weekend alone. What’s the lesson? There is economic power in the black dollar. With over […]