50 Cent Sues Rick Ross – You Released Your Baby Mama’s Sex Tape Not Me




50 cent claims he is not responsible for leaking Rick Ross baby mama’s sex tape to the world. According to 50 that was all Ross’ doing and now he’s taking him to court.

50 cent has filed a lawsuit against Rick Ross who he says is the one to blame for the sex tape getting out. The video which features Lastonia Leviston has millions of views. Leviston sued 50 saying she was so out of sorts when 50 posted the video that she contemplated suicide.

50 says all this mess is Ross’ fault because he (or someone in his camp) was actually the first one to put it online and 50 just linked the video. 50 also brings up a good point saying Ross did a radio interview and during the show he said that he planned to put the sex tape online.

50 says in his legal docs if does not win this lawsuit to Leviston, Ross should cover most of the judgment because he’s really the party at fault.

Leviston claims in her lawsuit against 50, that the guy in her sex tape gave the video to 50. She believes 50 was the one to put it out because it would embarrass his well known rival Rick Ross.

Who do you think is to blame here ?

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