Benzino Arrested For Drug Possesion , Thrown In Jail



According to Law Enforcements , The Love and Hip Hop Star , Benzino was pulled over by Atlanta cops today (Wednesday February 11th) Only because he wasn’t wearing his seat belt . During the altercation between Benzino and The Police , They say they found a stash of Marijuana in his car !!

Benzino was send over to jail for his suspended license , belt violation , and possession of marijuana .

The Bail is $@,269.00 But that should be no issue for him considering according to the show how money is long. But this is the second Arrest in the past couple of weeks for Benzino so the judges may not let him slide off so easy.

Benzino was Arrested Not to long ago for trying to sneak a loaded 9mm through airport security in Atlanta …. SMH !!!!


Watch Benzino Get pulled over and arrested below


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