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Big L Released His debut Album ” Lifestyles ov da Poor & Dangerous ” back in 1995 and significantly contributed to the underground Hip Hop Scene .

Passing away at such a young age of 24 , unfortunately we didn’t get to see him shine like we wanted too but the impact that he has left of the culture and even some of our favorite rappers today shows that even the dead can be leaders . Rappers such as Cam’ron , Jim Jones , Juelz Santana , Jay Z , Fat Joe and Nas all have a deep love and respect for the Late Great Big L.

FUN FACT : Cam’ron had his industry debut on a Big L Song , and so did Remy Ma !!

EVEN MORE FUN FACTS : Big L was down with a group called DITC who consisted of a handful of MC’s Including Flow Joe Himself , Fat Joe.

AHHH ONE MORE FUN FACT : Big L and Jay Z were also tight , and Jay appeared on Big L’s First album , Pre Reasonable Doubt !!!!

R.I.P HARLEMS GREATEST ! Got To the Bottom of the Page to hear some of the rappers incredible talents


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