DJ Megatron Murder May Be Tied To Unpaid Debt Says Police


Police have a new lead in the death of BET and HOT 97 personality DJ Megatron. DJ Megatron, born Corey McGriff, was shot and killed in Staten Island, NY early Sunday morning.


Police have ruled out Megatron’s death as being a simple stick-up gone wrong. Megatron suffered no other wounds except for the one gunshot that tore through his chest, rib cage, lung and heart.  His wallet and phone also remained on his person. Authorities are investigating several possibilities, including one that involves a YouTube user by the name of “MegaPayUp.”

“MegaPayUp” posted a video on YouTube three months ago calling out Megatron for not paying a debt.

“Megatron, i use to think he was mad cool . . . I always helped him out when ever he needed it. . . . This one time tho, I was the fool,” MegaPayUp says in the video. “Who hides and tries to dodge people they owe. . . . So u say ur not gonna pay the bill. . . . Bad sh*t will stay happening to u, cuz you do bad.”


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