DJ Scratch puts EPMD on blast: “Fuck you, PAY ME ! “





#2016WrapUp A year ago tonight was the last show I did with my former group. I was tired of the lies, the money stealing & the sneaking around doing shows without me to keep more bread in their pockets meanwhile RUINING the brand!! So here’s my 2016 Wrap Up: Rite after I left the group I upgraded & relaunched, went on a world tour of my own. Then was the opening act for Beyonce’s tour. Signed a endorsement deal with Monster Energy, then went on the Monster Energy tour (Still on tour). Launched my own App, then I was knighted a Grandmaster by Kool Herc. Then did the scratches on the album of the year (A Tribe Called Quest) & to top it all off I am now the special guest tour DJ with ATCQ. I left a group who couldn’t afford to pay one DJ & joined a group who can afford to pay 2 DJ’s. So for now on I’ll stick with the group that makes $100,000 minimum per show instead of the group that makes $6,000 maximum per show. For 2017 remove the toxic energy out of your life & watch how many blessings you’ll receive. Happy New Year!!! Never get bitter, just get better!! They thought they buried me, but they forgot I was a seed!!!

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