Empire Creator Says Lucious Lyon Is Based On Jay Z



The Creator of Empire goes on about the character being based on Jay Z by saying

“So for me, I don’t think in terms of, Okay we have to be careful of certain things because of certain negative stereotypes. I view it as, The entire cast is African-American, we’re gonna have all different types of characters, and we’re gonna tell good stories. We’re not gonna sit here and play defense or think that our show is a representation as Black culture in its entirety. It’s not; it’s just this story.”

The Empire Creator also brings up that other cultures have been portrayed highlighting their criminal pasts as well such as Italian and Irish gangster movies .

“This is metaphorical of so many people in America, how they rise up to power is through these means… Our goal is to make a great story.”

Check Out the Full interview with the Empire Creator Below !!!


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