Foxy Brown Skips Out On $900 Weave

foxyweaveSave for a recent appearance on The Combat Jack Show, any Foxy Brown news, like that unfortunate case of a slippery stage, is guaranteed to involve certain levels of f-ckery. Case in point, the Brooklyn rapper was recently accused of skipping out on a $900 hair weave bill.  Allegedly, Fox Boogie Brown got a weave, then dipped on the hairstylist without paying up. However, said hairstylist was able to nab footage of Foxy approving of her work, we think. The stylist, GStar, detailed her struggle via Instagram: “THIS HERE IS MY WORK. THE PERSON PHOTOGRAPHED IS IN FACT FOXY BROWN AKA INGA MARCHAND. I DID THIS NET WEAVE WITH A CUSTOM SPACE SO THAT HER HEARING AID COULD SLIDE IN AND MAGNETICALLY ATTACH TO HER HEAD. I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE ABOUT DOING HER HAIR ESPECIALLY BECAUSE SHE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A HAS BEEN. I’M UPSET BECAUSE I RESPECTED AS A NEW CUSTOMER DESPITE WHAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT HER. I KNOW I DID AN AMAZING JOB ON HER, IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE HER HAIR LOOKED BEAUTIFUL. SHE LOVED IT…DANCED AROUND IN THE SALON AND SAID “GSTAR YASSSSSS MY HAIR IS LAID”!!! SHE THEN WALKED OUT REQUIRING ME TO CHASE HER AND ASK FOR MY PAYMENT. I HAVE MANY WITNESSES THAT WERE THERE TO SUPPORT HER NOT PAYING ME. I WILL BE GIVING A MORE DETAILED STORY OF EVENTS SHORTLY. I THANK EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT. ” Peep the video, posted by the stylist who is heard saying “Gimme my money,” and “You owe me $900 Foxy Brown,” below. Knowing Foxy, wouldn’t she have 2-pieced the hair dresser, though? Or maybe the audio was added after the video was taken since Foxy is clearly paying her no mind [Note: We will refrain from a hearing aid joke]. Very strange. Our peeps at Bossip holla’d at G-Star, who provided texts of her communication with Brown.

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