Ghostface Killah Talks Drake & Calls Him What?




While Drake surprised everyone with his “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” mixtape which dropped Feb 13th, looks like the record breaking artist has quite a few fans in high places, which is apparent him being able to move over 500K units in just three days on the Billboard chart. Though the Canadian rapper has consistently proved himself more often than not, of course there is still chatter from those choosing to hate on his success….Tyga. Well fortunately for Drake, looks like he has the seal approval of Wu-Tang clansmen, Ghostface Killah. Peep what Ghostface had to say about the young “6 god” inside.

Ghostface Killah talks Drake & calls him what? The emcee was in Canada for a concert recently, and had nothing but great things to say about the lyricist when asked by the Canadian Press. According to Ghostface….

“Drake is brilliant,” Ghostface recently told The Canadian Press. “I don’t look at Drake like these other little rhyme guys nowadays, because I think he can really spit a rhyme. So I put him in a different category. A lot of people might try to play him out … but I’m a lyricist, so once my antennas go up and I hear somebody who sounds really nice on the beat and got a lot of fans and stuff like that … I keep listening to him.”

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Welp, the people have spoken. Looks like quite a few OG’s rock with the kid Drake. Kanye shrugs. Haters continue to hate from the sideline. Is it surprising that Ghostface is a fan of Drizzy’s work? Share your thoughts.


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