Gucci Mane Arrested For Drugs, Guns & Cursing Out Cops

tumblr_mm390fC8Ez1qbo0vfo1_500Gucci Mane clearly needs help. The Atlanta rapper was arrested last night (12:05 a.m. on Sept. 14) for barking on police when he happened to be in possession of some weed and a concealed weapon. Not exactly the type of items a convicted felon should have on their person. TMZ reports: Gucci Mane — real name Radric Davis — was taken into custody at 12:05 am this morning after one of his friends complained to cops about his erratic behavior. According to the report — the friend waved down police to help out … but when they approached Gucci he began “cursing and threatening them.” We’re told he was immediately taken into custody and police found a small amount of marijuana on the 33-year old rapper … as well as a handgun. GM was booked for carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession … then taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution. We’re told he’s still at the hospital. This is just the latest case of bizarre behavior from Gucci La Flare. A couple of days ago, Guwop was in Lenox Mall in ATL when he almost got into a fight with some random dude. Also, there was his now infamous Twitter barrage of slander which culminated in his account being deleted. Oh yeah, Gucci Mane recently dropped a new mixtape called Diary Of A Trap God. — Photo: Cam Kirk

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