Gucci Mane came through The Breakfast Club and provided a thoroughly interesting interview. La Flare dropped some real talk about remaining independent (“I’m the label, I don’t need no major,” he said), collaborating with Nicki Minaj in the early stages of her career and the loyalty Waka Flocka has for the Atlanta rapper. However, everyone will be talking about the shots he fired in Young Jeezy’s direction and his opinions on the fakeness in the Hip-Hop music industry.

When Charlamagne asked if staying indie prevented him from stalling and cited issues artists like Ludacris, T.I. and Young Jeezy had with their label’s, Gucci answered. “A lot of them people just rappers.” He added, “I came in the game independent. I’m still independent. Even though I got a situation, I got a partnership, but I always been signed to myself. I always put out my music, I always sold my music from the day one. I always been getting 4 or 5 dollars out my CDs from day one.”

When asked about the infamous Ross and Jeezy altercation at the BET Hip Hop Awards, Gucci said he thought nothing of it, saying he is friends with Ross, and most definitely not friends with the Snowman. “It’s just respect, walk over here it’s going to be some problem,” said Gucci of what happens if he and Jeezy are ever in the same place.

After their well documented beef, where a body was dropped, Gucci was clear that it wouldn’t have been real if he started making records with Jeezy, as DJ Drama once hoped. “I don’t got no respect for him,” said Gucci of Jeezy. “I done did what I had to do.”

Listen to the full interview with The Breakfast Club, where he discusses the differences between the streets and the music industry, his preference for working with R&B artists and the reasons he’d never do a reality show.


And now…the video.


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