Jas Prince Says That Young Money Owes Him MILLIONS Of Drake’s Royalties!




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Leave it to Jas, he states that in ’07 he and his company, Young Empire Music Group discovered Drake and then signed him to Aspire Music Group, however shortly there after, Cash Money approached him with a deal. The deal was that Cash Money would pay 22% of Drizzy’s advances as well as net profits to Jas and the company. The produce claims that only one of the $5 million owed to him in 2013 was paid – he’s still missing the other four.

From the standpoint of Cash Money, they were not to pay Jas nor Young Empire Music Group one red cent; Aspire Music Group, yes. Their claim is that Jas and Young Empire Music Group are in a legal stand-off with each other and this is just a ploy to get the money from them. Of course, they don’t plan on breaking a contract with the record label just to give Jas some funds.

I don’t think this will turn out well for the Prince, especially if there was no contract, which there doesn’t seem to be. Eh – we’ll keep you posted.


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