Jay Z Might Personally Call You If You Sign Up For Tidal



Jay Z’s new streaming company launched no more than a month ago, but he is already showing how serious he is with a hands on humble approach with the company. Jay Z will be personally calling select Tidal users to thank them for using the music streaming service. Hop into the post for details so maybe you can get a call from Hov #IFWT.

Jay Z is basically doing customer service for Tidal and that is pretty awesome, as appose to listening to somebody with an unbearably strong accent or some sort of robotic answering machine that can only hear numbers, you will be listing to the same voice you have been playing in your headphones for the past 20 years.

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Its not just Jay Z behind this super dope hands on strategy. Jack White and a few others of the high profile artists that are attatched to the high profile company, which has already flexed their muscle through the release of exclusive content. Jay Z previously said he doesn’t want to compete wuth spotify going forward, but it kind of looks like he is already doing a pretty good job considering it has only been weeks since it’s launch.

Want to get a phone call from Jay Z? Well one was you can is by downloading Tidal, and leaving your phone number

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