Kanye West Falls Down On Stage



While Watching The Throne, Kanye should have been watching his step earlier this week while performing at a Festival in Bergen, Norway. While performing, ‘All of the Lights’, he took a spill on stage which ended in him lying on his back for a few seconds, however, it was just a minor hiccup in the great week he has been having thus far.


Despite the fall, the bigger story is that the digital release of ‘Watch The Throne’ is #1 in 23 countries on Itunes. Kanye revealed to the crowd earlier that night:

“It feels so good to come by here and rock y’all tonight. We come to make sure you all have a good time cause so many bad things have happened. I’m so thankful to have my voice back and I want to thank everyone. [The new album] Watch The Throne is number one in 23 countries with no press or promotion.

“You know how I feel about the press. I hate the press. They try to take my sh*t out of context. They try to demonize me, but it don’t matter because my fans are always here.”

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