Kid Artist Builds Epic Lego CamRon



A 8 year old Kid Artist Builds Epic Lego CamRon
Andy Warhol, Basquiat and Yung Lennox? This kid by the name of Young Lennox is a 8 year old artist who has most definitely earned himself a name in the art world for his hip hop related drawings.8 year old kid Young Lennox has stepped his game up to a whole new epic level. The 8 year old boy wonder by the name of Young Lennox had recently posted a picture of a incredibly huge Camron piece he had been putting together, making the piece of the Harlem Native completely out of some building block Legos . The Camron Lego Masterpiece done by Young Lennox himself was built using the now famous pink fur mink coat photo as a blueprint base that we all know and love the Harlem World represented rapper for. Killer Cam was so impressed by the epic build which stands over 4 feet tall that he went ahead and he shared the photo which is nothing short of impressive.

To See some more of 8 Year Old Young Lennox Work , Go ahead to the gallery and take a look !

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