Lil B With Lace Shirt And Earrings On ESPN!

lil b 2 lil b 3 lil b


Jaden Smith did it and so does Young Thug! We better not hear anything negative about the homie lil B. This rapper is very popular for putting curses on popular Basketball players and giving out blessings. Recently, Lil B lectured at multiple Universities including MIT and UCLA.

Lil B mad an appearance on ESPN’s sports Nation to discuss his recent curse on James Harden. It was pretty noticeable that Lil B had a stylish hat paired along with some dangling earrings. This look is what Kylie or Kendall would wear. Seriously. Lil B also added on a lace blouse to “enhance” the look.

Not judging. It’s fashion. I mean Young Thug runs around with lipstick and fit “hooters” brand tank tops. Jaden Smith basically started the trend of the long shirts. So people could be negative but ya’ll are gonna start catching on to the “fashion”. The rapper recently released a visual entitled “Soul Food”. Stay up to date with everything Lil B is doing by catching his tweets on Twitter and Instagram.


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