Lil Wayne’s Young Money Artist Comes For Young Thug

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Other than the vocal disdain for Young Thug’s mixtape cover art, Lil Wayne has remained tight-lipped. However, who needs to do too much talking when you have your #SQUAD (Lil Durk voice). Flow took to Twitter to announce that if Thugger does show up in Hollygrove, he should NOT do so wearing his YSL chain. He adds that while he is not from the community popularized by Wayne, he’s rocking for his. As if that wasn’t enough, Flow is releasing a diss track titled, “YSL Killer“, dedicated to Young Thug and any YSL crew members – YSL standing for the Young Stoner Life – which he has already revealed the cover art for.

Prior to the diss track details, Flow made fun of Thugger in a kissey-face picture…

@thuggerthugger1 What’s next Ah fukkin bathing suit ..lip stick n daisy dukes.. Young Hugg trippin mann (Huggie Huggie hurry up komment so I kan take dis gay shit down ..tell Freeda Thugga trynA link up

In case you haven’t heard of Flow …

Flow appeared on the track “Fresher Than Ever” off Young Money’s Rise Of An Empire compilation album. He was also featured on Wayne’s Dedication 4 song “Magic.”


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