Nick “Swaggy P” Young Throws Shade At Diddy After His Assault Charge





Swaggy P has no chill when it comes to social media and today was no different when he decided to troll Diddy after his assault charges. Young went to USC, a rival school of diddy’s son school, UCLA. Looks like Young found a chance to joke on his rival school and just like any college student proud of his colors, went ahead and let the world know why his school is better. Considering how How Diddy allegedly was after assaulting his son’s coach, i don’t know how good of an idea this was.


Looks like 50 wasn’t the only one to joke on Diddy after his tirade.

Also Diddy and Suge Knight didn’t have the best relationship back in the day, so maybe Young picked another sensitive subject to pick at.

Young deleted the pic off his instagram, but with the internet: nothing is ever deleted.


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