PBS Found Tupac In New Zealand … Kinda

Earlier today PBS put up at story stating that the great Tupac Shakur had been found alive and well in a small resort area of New Zealand. The story went on to state that the resort had at one point housed both Tupac and Biggie, and that they have now been transported to a new place.

Unfortunately PBS officials later came out to state that the site had been hacked stating –

“hackers have cracked the network’s website, posting a phony story claiming dead rapper Tupac Shakur was alive in New Zealand, and a group that claimed responsibility for the hacking complained about a recent “Frontline” investigative news program on WikiLeaks.”

The hackers had posted the story in “PBS NewsHour” program. I guess Tupac lives on either way Tupac’s Back, well… almost nice try Meek Mill.


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