Prodigy going in on a meeting with 50 & the rest of G-unit


so 50 was paying those niggas to wear gunit gear and they still didnt wear it 

This new excerpt from Prodigy’s book talks about 50 Cent killing G-unit edorsement checks, Young buck being cocky and Lloyd Banks storming out of meeting with 50 Cent. Order your copy Here

50 said: “I’m not going to do it all for you. As a matter of fact, I’m not doing anymore features on any of y’all songs or videos because I’m carrying all the weight. Y’all have to start pulling your own weight. Yo Buck! You there? You heard what I said?”

Buck mumbled through the speakerphone: “Yeah I’m here. Don’t worry 50, I’m the cleanup man. I got hits on this album. We good”

That was some real disrespectuful, cocky sh*t he just said, I thought to myself. What, is he trying to say his sh*t is better than 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Yayo and Banks? Buck used the wrong choice of words, as far I’m concerned. Then 50 continued: “Yayo was locked up and his album was on hold until he got out. He missed a lot of big promotion while he was gone but he did what he had to do when he got home.”

Yayo cut in and said: “I’m not complaining about album sales man. I’m good. Whatever needs to be done, I’m doing it.”

Then 50 said: “Look at what P just did with his videos on the internet. He shot a video for a mix CD song on his own. He’s not waiting for me to help him, he’s pushing himself, making himself hot. Niggas need to be doing sh*t like that.”

Then Banks came out of the left field and said: “What? Is this meeting all about me? Because you seem to be focused on me the most.”

“No, it’s not about you.” 50 said. “I’m talking to everybody, but you need to start doing your promo work before you start complaining about your album sales. I want everybody in here to look under the table and tell me what you see.”

Everybody looked under the table, confused. “I don’t see nobody rocking G-Unit sneakers.” 50 said. “I see Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Timberland but I pay your endorsement check every month to wear G-Unit.”

50 made that endorsement deal with Yayo, Banks, Buck and maybe Olivia before Mobb Deep came around. We weren’t a part of that deal so he wasn’t talking to us. “From now on, I’m deading that deal so you won’t get your checks anymore.” 50 said. “So y’all can forget about that.”

Wow, I thought. If 50 gave us that deal, I would’ve worn G-Unit to sleep at night and in my casket. Buck mumbled over the phone once more: “I got this 50, me and Spider Loc is going hard. I’m the cleanup man, trust me.” Buck needed to shut up and listen to what was being said. He needed to hand in a good album instead of talking all that cleanup man sh*t.

“This nigga is fronting.” Banks jumped in and said. “He ain’t happy. Ain’t nobody happy with this label.” Banks slammed his fitted cap on the table and sit back on the chair.

“Oh yeah?” 50 looked at Banks and said. “You wanna bounce like Game and start your own label? I got you. I’ll call my lawyer and tell him to get you a deal over at Geffen and you can do your own thing from now on.” Banks stormed out of the meeting.

A week later 50 dropped Olivia and M.O.P. from the label.

buck was riding jeezy a lil bit too hard

After 50′s set, Buck came out, chest naked, lit blunt in hand, doing his usual Buck Marley set – a marijuana tribute – with Spider Loc. Buck suddenly stopped and called Young Jeezy on stage. Hav, Shaka, Man-Man and I watched from the side-stage TV monitor waiting for our turn to perform. Jeezy performed a few songs and Buck brought his set to a close. Jeezy and his crew bounced and Buck walked over to the side-stage wardrobe where 50, Yayo and Banks were getting ready to hit the stage. 50 grabbed Buck by the arm crazy tight and screamed at him: “You ever pull some sh*t like that again, I’m gonna send your dumb ass home” What the f**k is wrong with you?” Buck just stayed quiet.
Buck hadn’t asked 50 if Jeezy could perform and Jeezy did more songs than he was supposed to, when he really wasn’t supposed to do anything at all. Jeezy played Young Buck. That was the first time I saw Young Buck do some dumb sh*t, After the show some G-Unit members were arguing with Young Buck and his Nashville crew. A fight almost broke out and it was tense for the next couple shows.

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