Raekwon Says Kendrick Lamar “Know He Ain’t The King Of New York”


At this point, every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Hip-Hop has commented on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse. It was only right that a legend like Raekwon entered the forum.




In an interview with ItsBizkit.com, the Wu-Tang Clan veteran shared his thoughts on the matter over a cup of what we assume was brown liquor. “All I’mma say is that n***as know he ain’t the king of New York,” said the Chef.


He continued, “The king of New York to me is in the ground and that’s B.I.G. That’s the n***a that came from the bottom with it for real. And really earned that positioning in the game to be called that. I think son when he was rhyming was having fun…And he was just expressing his self. I think that that’s—you supposed to feel like that on wax.”


Additionally, Raekwon said if they were speaking hypothetically and K. Dot was “King of NY,” then what would that make him?


Watch the infamous MC’s full conversation below.


[Spotted at HHDX]


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