So That DMX Album IS Really Happening…




So That DMX Album IS Really Happening… not necessarily a surprise album but official statement made and the “Redemption of the Beast” album IS in fact, a go. Here’s the twist: it’s a backdoor politics–against his will situation (SMH).

When DMX took to social last month to deny the album being buzzed about for his eighth solo release, we all took that pretty seriously. Him noting “When the DOG come back you will know 100%!!!!” and #NoFakeAlbums to boot. We were all thankful especially because of the old tracks on the set list (not to mention the cringe worthy, beyond basic album art).

But, So That DMX Album IS Really Happening… it just has little to do with DMX. What are we saying?: The label Seven Arts Entertainment, under United Media & Music Group that’s releasing the album, claims the album is put together from “52 masters acquired by Seven Arts from DMX and his producers in 2012.” Can you say…hostile takeover?

““DMX and his team fully cooperated on the production of this album. Redemption of the Beast was the second album planned for release with DMX in September of 2012, following the release of Undisputed. These new masters represent the best of this legendary artist and offer production by some of the best in the industry. All fans are invited to listen to the music, which is the real thing, the ‘rough and ready’ of DMX. The music and artistry speaks for itself.”

Really, the strong-arm is speaking for itself. This is now the second release that DMX is unhappy with from these companies (two out of two), and not the first time he’s had disagreements with them. So That DMX Album IS Really Happening… will you be buying? We just want to see the DOG win, man. :(

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