Someone Started A GoFundMe Page To Help Meek Mill Record His Drake Diss Track



The beef between Meek Mill and Drake is building up more and more as the days go by while fans wait for a response from Meek. The ‘DWMTN’ rapper started this ‘war’ is being outdone by Drake and some may feel it’s making him look weak. So far, Drake has already clapped back with two diss tracks, while Meek is taking all his shots from behind the keyboard and posting them on twitter. Yes, he’s made a few comments during his set on the Pink Print Tour but fans of the Philly rapper want more. After Meek promised Flex a track that never showed up, to help speed up the process, one fan had an idea that just might help him out.

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Since it’s taking Meek Mill far too long to record a response to Drake’s diss tracks, one fan set up a GoFundMe page to help get the ball rolling. Although Meek is a professional and should be able to acquire studio time when and where he pleases, this fan set a goal at $3000 in hopes to help him out. So far, they’ve only raised $14, but hey it’s a start.


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