Timbaland’s Wife Has Filed For Divorce For A Second Time



Looks like Timbaland is headed back down the road to divorce. Last year his wife Monique Mosely called off their divorce in an attempt to save their relationship, but it looks like that failed because she has filed for a second time.

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Back in 2013 when Timbaland’s wife initially filed for divorce she was basically leaving and taking everything. The settlement called for Timbaland to have to pay alimony, child support for their two children and her legal fees. The couple ultimately reconciled and
the claims were dismissed in October 2014.

Well the reconciliation has come to an end because Monique has filed the divorce papers once again. Monique could now receive millions since Timbaland has signed on the to the executive producers for Fox’s hit show Empire.

It’s sad to see that these too couldn’t work it out.

Source BallerAlert


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