Tiny Harris goes to africa to change eye color




Reality TV star Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, the wife of rapper T.I., has defended her decision to permanently lighten the colour of her eyes.
Harris, once a member of the ’90s R&B group Xscape, traveled to Africa a little over two weeks ago for cosmetic eye implants that changed her eye colour from brown to ice grey — and she couldn’t be happier.
‘I looked in the mirror and I was, like, “they’re amazing,”‘ she said on Good Morning America on Thursday.

She explained about the procedure: ‘They go into the eye and they make a little slit. They take an implant and it’s folded up. They open it [and] spread it over your eye.
‘They told me that the procedure was going to be quick, five to 10 minutes an eye. They woke me up. It was very blurry, then it kind of fades in.’
New York ophthalmologist James Tsai, a clinical spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, told The Associated Press such cosmetic procedures are illegal in the United States.
Similar but not identical procedures are done for patients with specific medical problems or conditions.

For cosmetic purposes, he said, the risks can include glaucoma, cataracts, bleeding in the eyes and corneal problems.
Tsai said websites advertising such procedures for cosmetic purposes often emphasize how quick they can be done — 10 to 15 minutes per eye — without emphasizing risks.
‘We believe they are a dangerous practice and as a physician I would never recommend them,’ he said.
Tsai said cosmetic implants, which involve making a small slit in the eye, first surfaced about five years ago and have been done in the Middle East, Panama and Africa.

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