Tupac’s Mother Will Be Releasing Every Single Piece Of Work He Did !?!?

It’s like his work is never ending…forever lasting. Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother is the head of his estate, however she is passing some things along to Jampol Artist Management. Like, the unfinished pieces of work and unreleased ideas. Afeni Shakur released this statement:


“I believe it is our responsibility to make sure that Tupac’s entire body of work is made available for his fans. My son left many incomplete pieces and even more unfinished ideas. Using the blueprints he gave us, I am committed to fulfilling this duty.”


The fans of yesterday, today, and tomorrow will have the opportunity to experience [more] work of one of the GREATEST to ever do it. Tupac’s mother mentions, about Jampol Artist Management that they “will find innovative ways to continue to keep his music, his message, and his legacy alive.” This is great! Get an unstoppable production team on this stat and it’ll be like Tupac never took a break. Drop down bottom for more on this story.



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