Tyga Drops $2.2 Mil On Topless Model 2014 convertible Maybach 62 S Landaulet





Tyga just bought a sweet ride as a birthday present to himself  … it’s got four doors and four wheels — hey, just like a Toyota Camry — but Tyga’s whip cost around $2.2 million.

Sources close to Tyga tell us he dropped 2 large bills plus on a 2014 convertible Maybach 62 S Landaulet  — the car itself cost $1.3 mil.  Now get this … he spent nearly a mil tricking it out.

West Coast Customs hooked it up with all kinds of extras, including a 40 inch TV. Check out the pics. 

Here’s the thing … for $2.2 mil  where the hell are the cup holders?

Ty joins an elite group of 62 S owners — including Jay Z and Bird Man.  We’re told he plans to showcase the car in a new video he’s shooting with Mally Mall, “Wake Up In It.”




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