Warner Bros. Records Rep Claims Gucci Mane’s Twitter Account Hacked, Waka Flocka Flame Disagrees

One Warner Bros. rep says that Gucci Mane’s Twitter account was hacked, perhaps questioning Waka Flocka Flame’s public dismissal from 1017 Brick Squad. Waka appears to be skeptical.


Following Friday’s (March 15) news of Gucci Mane dismissing Waka Flocka Flame from 1017 Brick Squad, new reports have emerged. Waka Flocka has persisted tweeting about “BSM,” meaning Brick Squad Monopoly, and adding “#BSMBoss.”


MissInfo.TV reported that Warner Bros. Records employee Rahim “The Dream” notified his Twitter followers that Gucci Mane’s Twitter account was hacked. Gucci Mane has yet to delete or retract the tweets, and has yet to release a statement. Earlier this month, the veteran WBR artist Gucci, announced an official performing name change to “Guwop” via the social media platform, only to retract it the same day.


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