Who is Scott “La Rock” Sterling? 7 Facts About The Late DJ

You’ve heard the “South Bronx” drop over the past few decades. And chances are, if you’re into classic hip hop, you’ve heard the legendary “Criminal Minds” album. But do you know the man behind the production? Here are a few facts about the original member of Boogie Down ProductionsScott La Rock:


  1. Scott “La Rock” Sterling worked as a social worker but is well known for being a club DJ.
  2. Sterling was born and raised in the South Bronx.
  3. Formed Boogie Down Productions with Lawrence “KRS-One” Parker and Derrick “D-Nice” Jones.
  4. The group’s debut album “Criminal Minded” is considered a hip-hop classic.
  5. In an attempt to squash a fight, Sterling was wounded in a Jeep outside of the Bronx’s Highbridge projects in 1987.
  6. Two men were arrested and charged with Sterling’s murder but were acquitted at the trial.
  7. Sterling’s death played a role in starting the “Stop the Violence” Movement.


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