Young Jeezy Explains Why He Sat In Jail For So Long After His Latest Arrest!!!




Although Jeezy didn’t want to speak too much on the issue at hand (probably due to lawyer’s suggestions), he did say, “…when it’s all said and done you [won’t] hear nobody from my crew had anything to do with nothing.”

He added:

“And I will say this, a lot of people asked me why did I sit in there so long,” says Jeezy. “The truth to that is — I’m a boss. But at the same time, I’m a real person. And it’s like those people on that bus — two of my bus drivers, which they was well over 55-years-old, my camera man, some of my manager’s people — they bust they a– for me on this tour and I refused to leave up out of that jailhouse without them coming out with me.”

Well, that “Holy Ghost” speaks even more volumes.

Trying to move past this, Young Jeezy recently hung out with Billboard for a hot photo shoot. Check it out HERE!

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