Now that the remake of the classic “Sparkle” is underway, the film’s stars…including Whitney Houston, are doing tons of press! During a recent interview, Whitney talked about her excitement for the film and revealed that the role was originally slated for Aaliyah – but naturally after her death, it was shelved…until now. Here’s what Whitney said about Aaliyah and the film…

“This was [Aaliyah’s] movie,” Whitney told Shaun. “When we brought it to her, she was so enthusiastic about it and she wanted it, to do it so badly. She was our Sparkle.

“Unfortunately… it just didn’t go that way,” she continued. “I put it down. I said, ‘My Sparkle has gone to a better place,’ then we just left it alone.”

Luckily for us, Jordin Sparks came along and was able to fill Aaliyah’s shoes for what will surely be one heck of a movie!

Source: Access Hollywood

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