Aaliyah’s Brother Shuts Down Biopic Rumors Along With Album Rumors – “No Female I’ve Seen Can Play My Sister”

Aaliyah’s Brother Rashad Shuts Down Rumors Of A Biopic


Earlier this week, Aaliyah younger brother Rashad posted a message to her Facebook fan page letting fans know that the Haughton family was not releasing or supporting any new Aaliyah albums.


Along with dispelling the album chit-chatter, Rashad posted this message in response to recent talk the long-awaited Aaliyah biopic:



Some fans feel slighted that Rashaad and the Haughton family are not in support of a biopic or album for the late singer, while others understand the family’s decision.


Aaliyah had a huge following of fans prior to her death that only increased after her passing. Is her family wrong not to give the fans who loved and supported Aaliyah and her music the chance to see her story play out on the big screen? Or should everyone just let it be, as the family wishes?


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