Authorities Investigating Doctors That Gave Prince Fentanyl





Authorities are taking a closer look at Prince’s physician Dr. Michael Schulenberg and addiction specialist Dr. Howard Kornfeld. They’re investigating to see wether or not they crossed any legal boundaries in providing Prince with prescriptions to the drug. There are also 3 agencies deeply involved in the investigation. The FBI, DEA, and the Carver County District Attorney’s Office.

TMZ broke several stories on Prince being rushed to the hospital after one overdose 6 days before his passing. Hours before his death he was seen at a Walgreens in Paisley Park walking back and forth anxiously as somebody went to get the prescription.

Dr. Schulenberg was actually at Prince’s home when the body was discovered. He said he came by to inform Prince of some test results that he had gotten. Dr. Kornfeld’s son was also present at the house with a backpack full of synthetic opiates to treat an addiction. Kornfeld’s lawyers say none of these were found in Prince’s system at the time of his death.

Kornfeld is still practicing in Marin County California. As for Schulenberg, he’s went MIA from his clinic since Prince’s passing.


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