OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network has picked up “Beverly’s Full House,” a reality series featuring former supermodel Beverly Johnson and follows what happens when three generations of her family come together under one roof — her spacious home in Palm Springs.

Cameras will follow Johnson, her daughter Anansa (a plus-size model), son-in-law David (a former NFL player), and their newborn baby Ava, in an effort to reconnect with her daughter and to help her growing family get ahead financially during a tough economy.

Despite following in her mother’s footsteps, Anansa’s relationship with her mother has always been fragile.  With the arrival of her daughter Ava, Anansa wants to heal her strained relationship with her mother and agrees to move her family into Beverly’s home.

OWN states in a press release: “Throughout the season, Beverly tries with varying degrees of success to bond with her daughter and son-in-law.  Despite sometimes overstepping her boundaries and at times having her intentions misunderstood, she loves her family and is determined to right past wrongs. Along the way, viewers will witness the drama, good times and bad times as Beverly’s traditional/non-traditional family comes together, bound by love, and learns to make it all work.”

“Beverly’s Full House,” also co-executive produced by Johnson, is due to premiere in February.

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