Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Baby to be Bathed in $5,200 Bathtub Thanks to ‘Auntie Kelly’




To apologize for the slip up and revealing the sex of baby BeyJay, Auntie Kelly decided to make sure that the baby was so fresh and so clean! Check out this Swarovski-crystal studded Baby Diamond Bathtub.


Crafted by California-based interior designer Lori Gardner, the baby-sized, footed, porcelain tub is covered in 44,928 imported crystals that Gardner reportedly spends more than two months applying by hand.
While Beyonce was gifted the pink version, the bling bathtub, weighing in at more than 3,000 pounds, is available in all the Swarovski colors.
Not to be impractical, the bathtub, according to the designer, can also be used for pets or as a beverage chiller for parties. Just don’t expect to see any Cristal champagne chilling in any Baby Bathtub belonging Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby offspring, of course.



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