Chris Tucker disappointed a lot of fans on Sunday night with what’s being described as a lackadaisical job hosting the BET Awards show. The comedian was at best, chuckle funny, but never reached the level of hilarity one would expect from the Friday star.


Outside of a Michael Jackson impersonation, Tucker failed to live up to expectations and those watching the show let him have it on Twitter.


  • “D*mn, Chris Tucker did horrible hosting the awards,” one fan wrote.
  • “Also, let it be known that if I wanted to see Chris Tucker’s standup before this show, well now I don’t. #OppositeEffect,” another Twitter user shared.
  • “Chris Tucker left his humor in rehab!” a viewer joked.
  • “Anybody got the details on where they holding the memorial for Chris Tucker’s comedy career? I was gonna airbrush a couple of tees,” a fan added.


After being hammered, one of Chris’ peers, comedian Mike Epps, came to the star’s defense, tweeting:


“Respect to Chris Tucker it’s hard to do live TV and hosting an award TV show. #BETAwards2013.”


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