Jon Stewart & Bill O’Reilly Face Off Over Common’s just poetry. Or so we thought. Ever since Michelle Obama decided to invite Common to the White House to share some of his poetic justice on poetry night, conservatives have been in an outroar. The most vocal have been Fox News and Sarah Palin who claim that the White House lacked class and decency for inviting someone who has celebrated violence and “cop-killing” in his lyrics.


Last night, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show appeared on Fox News and went head to head with Bill O’Reilly over Common’s appearance. Bill reiterated to Jon the conservative concerns, citing Common’s visit to Cuba to meet black political activist, convicted cop killer and escaped convict Assata Shakur and his support of Mumia Abu Jamal, who was convicted and sentenced to death for killing a police officer. He then pointed out that Common’s recognition of these two individuals is evidence that he “celebrates” their agendas and it gives cause for people to believe that the President agrees with his beliefs. While he goes on to mention the other controversial figures that have been linked to President Obama, Jon reminds him of other non-black musicians such as Bono and Bob Dylan that have had controversial lyrics linked to convicted murders. Jon makes the argument that if conservatives are going to point the finger and bring up the issue, then they should be consistent, and he also began to mention more important causes that the conservatives should be focused on.

Check out the videos of the hilarious exchange below:


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