Katt Williams Arrested On Gun ‘Misunderstanding’

Comedian Katt Williams was arrested in Los Angeles early this morning on police suspicion of a possible gun violation.


LAPD revealed that they received a call at around 1:00 am that someone was  brandishing a gun at Hollywood nightclub Supper Club.  When officers arrived at the scene, a witness identified Williams as the suspect.


Although police were not able to find a weapon on Williams, they did find one in his vehicle.  Upon finding the gun, police promptly took Williams and  two other members of his entourage into custody for questioning.


Police have since found that the gun is unregistered, and are trying to locate the owner.  Meanwhile, Williams and one member of his entourage have been released without any charges.  The other man has been booked on an unrelated traffic warrant.   According to Williams, it was just a big “misunderstanding.”


A misunderstanding that has you up in jail though?  That’s the worst kind of misunderstanding to have!


[Source: TMZ]


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