Kelly Rowland Talks Personal Style, Her Favorite Song & Meeting Whitney Houston


Kelly Rowland sat down for a moment with Elle TV recently and discussed what song she’s feeling at the moment, the first time she can recall being star stuck and her personal style. Check out the excerpts and video below:

On her sound
I, of course, come from an urban feeling since day one with Destiny’s Child, but now, I’ve kind of opened up the sound a little bit and it has more tempo to it from dance. It feels great.

The song I have on repeat right now would probably have to be Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People.’ It’s such an amazing record. As soon as I hear it, I can’t stop moving. And I smile so big and it’s great when music makes you do that.

On meeting Whitney Houston
The first time I met Whitney Houston I was completely star struck, I didn’t say a word. I remember I was on my way to the Grammy’s, it was with Destiny’s Child and I remember we met Whitney Houston for the first time. It started with her ex-husband at the time, Bobby Brown, and I remember he walked up and said,”Oh, my God! My wife wants to meet y’all.” I remember immediately, my whole face changed and I probably became really pale because I wanted to pass out. I mean Whitney Houston is one of the reasons I sing to this day.

On sense of style
I love to feel like a woman, period. So whether that’s a fantastic pair of jeans, pants or just something really corky to go with an outfit. I’ve recently been into a lot of tribal things, tribal necklaces, tribal bracelets and things like that. I’m casual-sexy. I love designers but I’m not a designer whore.


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