LisaRaye Is Back For Round 2



“LisaRaye: The Real McCoy,” TV One’s top-rated series, just returned with back-to-back episodes for its second season. Check out our recent interview with the reality star to find out what to expect this season.

You have a lot going on in your life. Where are you right now?
LISARAYE: I’m currently in Atlanta filming my first scripted series for VH1, a Queen Latifah project, which is exciting.

How do you feel about the second season of your hit series?
I was in the midst of transitioning from my divorce, and my motto was to start more businesses, back to family, back to love, back to the second season. One very essential part of my journey was to find out my passions and purposes. Last year I was a pillar of strength to women who have been through a lot of things. It’s a testament to rebranding. I’m looking to top the numbers we did last year. It makes me feel good to have something that people feel proud of.

You’ve also become more spiritual, haven’t you?

I’ve always been a fighter and have had to raise up. Sometimes you don’t know how to take a backseat, but now, I want Him to take control and for Him to tell me what to do. If I knew then what I knew now… I’m learning how to listen.


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