Meagan Good On Getting Pulled Over By Cops: ‘I Was Not Drunk Driving’





Meagan Good is probably thanking her lucky stars that her father is an LAPD police officer after being pulled over by cops this past weekend.  On Sunday, she celebrated her 30th birthday with a private party in LA and was pulled over by cops shortly after she left the event. According to Meagan, the cops assumed that she had been drinking since she was leaving her own party:

For the record all … I DID NOT get a DUI. I got pulled over because the valet turned my lights off. Once they found out I was leaving my own birthday party, they insisted I must of had at least a drink and expressed they’d feel more comfortable with someone else driving me home.

I definitely wasn’t gonna argue with that because I recognize God’s grace when I see it, and whether I had one drink or five drinks, the law says zero drinks so I’m thanking God I got through my 30th and praising God for the grace only he can give!



Praise him!

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