Ne-Yo’s baby mama, Monyetta, is positively glowing



Earlier this year, reported exclusively that Ne-Yo’s baby mama, Monyetta Shaw, was pregnant with her and singer Ne-Yo’s second child.

We’re guessing Monyetta wasn’t too thrilled that we broke the story, because every time she was asked if she was pregnant again, she emphatically denied it.

Well, last night at a Sister 2 Sister magazine event here in Atlanta, celebrity blogger Tami of spotted Monyetta selling her wares at a booth. Tami said to Mo point blank, “Let me know when you have your baby shower.”

To which Monyetta responded, “What baby?” and looked off and up. (Do we detect a little attitude from Monyetta?)


Tami wrote on her blog:

Monyetta you need to cut-it-out because I got some big boobies too and chile those puppies were sitting up bigger than mine! I know Ne-Yo is a happy man right about now! She waddled from behind the table and took a few pics with me.She tried hard to hide her stomach with her fabulous Birken bag but it was not working! She is a sweetie and I can’t wait to know what the expecting couple will have next! Wait! I’m just assuming it’s Ne-Yo’s baby, Im not sure. I am just hoping it is. Congrats to the couple if she is having another baby! Does she look preggers to you? xoxo

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