Patti Pies moved $2.3mil in pies at Walmart in one weekend

In one weekend, Patti Pies sold completely out of Walmart. The demand was so high, the store’s bakeries were telling callers they were out before even saying hello. It’s estimated over $2.3 million dollars of pies were sold this past weekend alone.

What’s the lesson?

There is economic power in the black dollar.

With over $1.2 trillion dollars in annual spending power, the black community has an opportunity to not only enjoy Pattie’s pies, but also enjoy some financial control over the future, create jobs, businesses and funds to help make our communities better.

Instead of making it rain into Walmart registers, imagine if the community came together to put our money in black owned banks in the community, shopped with the local black entrepreneurs in the community and helped to circulate our funds among ourselves first.

This would create the jobs we so desperately need in our community. Provide lending options for the banks and credit unions in the community which makes more businesses, more opportunity to spend with each other, more jobs, more tax revenue for schools and social programs.

PLEASE, black people, wake up and start using your economic power to help yourself. As Dr. Claude Anderson said, you have already made everyone else on the planet rich.

It’s time we did that for ourselves.…black-dollars/

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