Producer: Rihanna finished recording her next album



According to one of Rihanna’s music producers, the troubled singer just finished wrapping up her next album.

Still riding high off the success of her platinum album, LOUD, Rihanna is now doing post-production work on the album during her visit home in Barbados.


Verse Simmonds and his partner Sham “Sak Pase” Joseph, who previously worked on “Man Down”, have made two songs for the Bajan singer, according to MTV via Ace Showbiz.

“From what I understand, she is closing the album up now, and we did two records for her that she really, really loved and I’m really excited about them as well,” he dished on. “They are records that we wrote and produced as the Jugganauts.”

Talking about the sound they crafted for RiRi, Simmonds said it’s different from the reggae-infused “Man Down”. “We always try to constantly – as producers, as artists – we try to always come with something different, a whole new sound,” he stated.


Meanwhile, Rihanna’s ever-present publicist continues to keep a close eye on her superstar client whose drinking binges were the talk of tinseltown — until Amy Winehouse died. According to our Def Jam source, Winehouse’s sudden death has had a sobering effect on the “Cheers” singer.

“She’s not drinking quite as heavily as she was,” said our source, who added that the 23-year-old still smokes weed like a chimney though.

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