Rihanna rushes back into the arms of the only man who can tame her



According to the gossip rags, troubled singer Rihanna is back with her old boyfriend in Barbados — after she was dumped or dismissed by professional athletes in America.

According to The Sun (via The Daily Mail), Rihanna is back with Sealy Negus, the Lothario who is affectionately known as “The Love God” by all the loose women that he’s run through in Barbados.

Negus has hardly left Rihanna’s side, according to The Sun. He was her first true love.

“They’ve hooked up in the past when she’s been back in Barbados but now things have progressed into a proper relationship again,” the Sun quotes a source as saying.


Hopefully, Rihanna asked the Love God to get tested before she let him touch her.

Rihanna has apparently rekindled her relationship with her first boyfriend Negus Sealy after the pair were seen dancing together at a festival back in Barbados.

The 23-year-old singer is said to have become inseparable from her first love Sealy, nicknamed the ‘Love God’ by local ladies, since arriving back in her home country 12 days ago.

The pair first dated back in 2006, before Rihanna made her name in the music industry, and are said to have given things another go in 2009 when the Rated R singer was rebounding from her violet relationship with Chris Brown.

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