Shaunie O’Neal Covers Rolling Out Magazine & Dishes On Her Love Life & Kids

Shaunie-ONeal, roll out magazine


In the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine, “Basketball Wives” Shaunie O’Neal discusses her media empire, her boyfriend Marlon Yates, the new shoe line, a book and the importance of leaving a legacy.

Here’s an excerpt:

On Basketball Wives

“Every season we need to do something different…whether it’s someone leaving [or] someone coming, but I can’t tell you.[…]I didn’t put myself out there and on TV just to be on a reality show. I have a plan and a vision, and as it continues to grow, my vision and my plan get bigger. It’s to build a legacy for my kids and…[to] have something that I’m proud of, outside of being mommy. It’s just [about] trying to be smart. That window is cracked, and I’m trying to open it all the way.”

On Boyfriend Marlon

“You can catch us on the [3rd Street] Promenade in Santa Monica when they have all the people performing. I love that. He’s super athletic and we’ll go bike riding. We were just talking the other day that we should get one of those corny double [seat] bikes, [laughs heartily] and we’ll take walks near where I live and to the yogurt place. That’s kind of sexy and romantic and our little quiet time.”

On Leaving a Legacy For Her Children

“They’re definitely [the] motivation to continue to do what I do. I want them to be proud of me, and [I want to] leave them something. Ours is a generation where our parents were not able to leave us with the same type of business,[…]I want to…leave some type of legacy for my kids. That’s my goal…I want them to say, ‘Wow, my mom did this.’


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