Shaunie O’Neal Offered Shaq’s Sex Tape?!


Oh the drama. Apparently, there’s a sex tape floating around that Shaq and some of his mistresses filmed while he and Shaunie were still together. Although these rumors have been noted as false, Shaunie recently confessed to TMZ that the same man tried to sell the tape to her and that she wanted nothing to do with it. She also stated that she couldn’t confirm if the tape was real or not because she’s never seen any footage. She then went on to say that this man is a liar, and he’s been know to spread rumors including one that he and Shaunie were dating after her and Shaq’s relationship ended.

This same man is also claiming that Shaq hired a gang of men to attack him and kidnap him because he spread the rumors of this “sex tape”.

I can’t…

What do you think? Do you think these rumors are true??


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