Source: BET Wanted Tiny to Come Back To The ‘Tiny & Toya Show’


According to to a confidential source who spoke to on condition of anonymity, BET Network wanted Tameka “Tiny” Cottle to come back for a 3rd season of the popular ‘Tiny & Toya Show,’ but it was a network producer who told her she could not return.

If you recall, another source told me that BET did not ask Tiny to return to the ‘Tiny & Toya Show.’ But my source said that information was incorrect.

The confidential informant told me that it was James DuBose of DuBose Entertainment who was responsible for all the confusion surrounding the ouster of Tiny from the show.

“Tiny wanted to do the show — and BET wanted her to come back,” said my source in a phone call yesterday. “But [DuBose] told her it was too late, that they had already started filming the [Toya] show without her.”

“After they watched the 1st episode of the 2nd season, they said ‘We want another season!’,” said my source. But she said Tiny’s husband, rapper T.I., was initially against Tiny doing another season. “He didn’t want her to do it. He said the show portrayed the family in a negative light,” she said.

The source said T.I. later changed his mind. But when Tiny approached DuBose to recommit to the show, he told her she could not return.


Tiny, who is preparing for the release of her husband from an Arkansas prison next month, came up with the concept for the ‘Tiny & Toya Show’. My source believes that Tiny’s publicist, Tanisha Ramos, and DuBose (who produced Monica’s ‘Still Standing’ reality series for BET) both had words with each other.

“Why would you mess with success?,” said the source who described DuBose as “catty and messy.”


The ‘Tiny and Toya Show’ was produced by DuBose Entertainment and BET Networks and co-executive produced by Tameka “Tiny” Cottle for Lady T Productions and Antonia “Toya” Carter for Visual Beauty Inc.

The source revealed that Tiny also brought the concept of the Braxtons reality show to James DuBose, but the Braxton sisters eventually went with another production company instead.

My source said Tiny and the Braxton sisters all got together at Tiny’s house to discuss the concept for the show last year. But the sisters proceeded ahead with the show without giving TIny credit for the concept.

Still, Tiny is happy with the amazing success of the Braxton’s show and she’s still close friends with the Braxtons. Tiny does not feel any animosity towards anyone — including DuBose, said my source.

Tiny’s production company is now developing a new reality TV series based on T.I’s post-prison life. Tiny is also moving her successful nail shop to a new location on Old National highway. The lease was signed two days ago. A grand re-opening will be announced soon.


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